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Dissertation Research

My dissertation explores how gender, stress, and relationship dynamics unfold to affect sexual minorities’ health over time. Although the United States has witnessed significant social, legal, and demographic changes concerning sexual minority families over the past several decades, critical gaps remain in our understanding of relationship dynamics and well-being of sexual minority families. How does sexual minorities’ health change over time? How do gender, stress, and relationship dynamics shape the process? To answer these questions, I draw on three longitudinal datasets (SIPP; Add Health; HARP) to investigate 1) same-sex union and health changes; 2) relationship biographies and health changes among sexual minorities; and 3) stress, marital dynamics, and cognitive health in midlife same-sex and different-sex couples.


Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

Book Chapters

Under Review

In Progress

  • Wang, Yiwen, and Debra Umberson. 2022. "Long-Term Same-Sex Couples." In SAGE Encyclopedia of LGBTQ Studies, edited by Abbie E. Goldberg.

  • Wang, Yiwen, and Daniel A. Powers. 2020. "Conditional Logit Model." In SAGE Research Methods Foundations, edited by P. Atkinson, S. Delamont, A. Cernat, J.W. Sakshaug, and R.A. Williams.

  • Wang, Yiwen and Hui Liu. “A National Longitudinal Study of Same-Sex Partnership and Self-Rated Health Trajectories”.

  • Wang, Yiwen, Hye Won Chai, Debra Umberson, and Sara Mernitz. “The Gendered Sexual Experiences of Gay, Lesbian, and Heterosexual Married Couples”.

  • Coffey, Diane, Yiwen Wang and Aashish Gupta. “Gender, Social Disadvantage, and Happiness: Women’s Emotion Labor in Indian Families”.

  • “Minority Stress, Social Support, and Loneliness in Three Cohorts of Sexual Minority Adults”. (With Ilan Meyer).

  • “Sexual Orientation and Cognitive Function During the Transition to Adulthood”. (With Hui Liu).

  • “Race and Social Isolation across the Life Course” (With Zhiyong Lin and Debra Umberson).

  • “Union Formation and Dissolution and Health Changes of Sexual Minorities: Does Sex Composition of the Union Matter?”

  • “Stress and Cognitive Functions in Midlife Same- and Different-Sex Marriages: The Moderating Role of Spousal Support”.

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